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Question & Answer
Q.  Why would a dive shop recommend their 
      customers to See the Globe?

A.  Many reasons actually...
        1.  See the Globe focuses on Special or Once-In-A-Lifetime trips.  We do no take local trips, coastal             trips or Florida spring trips, because they are well handled by dive shops.  Trips to Truk Lagoon,             Dubai, Australia, Fiji and South Africa are trips that many divers would like to make, but their local             shop may not have enough divers interested to make it affordable. Working with a larger network             of divers and shops, See the Globe can put that trip together.

         2. We do not train or sell gear. When a diver goes on one of our trips, they are exposed to different             options in diving (Tech, Rebreathers, Sidemount, DPV's, etc.), they become interested in these             different forms of diving. Divers who exposed to new options and want training or to purchase this             type of gear will go back to their local shop to complete the transaction.  

        3.  $$$$$$- See the Globe does take care of referring shops.  (Contact See the Globe for             details).