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​At See the Globe, we offer different types of trips depending on our customers needs and the logistical situation of each location or country. Below are explanations of the types of trips we offer. 

Group (Blank) Scuba Trip: This is the most structured of the travel types. Michelle and Mark will meet the group at pre-determined location (airport, dock, etc.) and will lead the group through the travel portion of the trip and make sure we are on schedule and that the group makes all of the events that are planned. This type normally has a specific group size to fill the trip.  

Open Itinerary: These trips are normally because a customer or group has asked us to coordinate a trip to a specific location. These trips are open to any of the divers in our network that meet the minimum requirements. Michelle and Mark will meet the group at the dive/adventure location. We normally do not have a minimum or maximum number of people to make the trip. These are far less structured than the Group Lead trips.

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Group Live-Aboard - Egypt/Red Sea                            April/ May 2020
Description: We are in the planning stages for a 7 day live-aboard dive trip in the Red Sea with an optional land portion to include visits to some of Egypt’s most famous ancient sites. The sea portion includes an unsurpassed live-aboard diving experience. Minimum Scuba certification is Advanced Open Water.
Group Scuba Trip - Truk Lagoon                June 12-20, 2019
Truk Lagoon (June 12-20, 2019) 
Description: A week-long stay with Blue Lagoon dive resort that is Tech friendly. The week will consist of dives on the major wrecks to depths of 150ft. Shallower wrecks and reefs requests will be available one of the resorts 10 dive boats. The trip will include 3 days of 3 boat dives, 3 days of 2 boat dives and 1 night dive. Truk Lagoon is Renown as “The Wreck Diving Capital of the World.” What is little known are the abundant coral reefs that are also located in Truk Lagoon. Whether your interest is wreck diving, tech diving, night dives, or exploring coral reefs, The Blue Lagoon Dive Shop can accommodate our requests. Minimum Scuba certification is Advanced Open Water.
Group Live Aboard - Socorro Islands, Mexico                   Nov/Dec 2019
Description: The Socorro Islands are a group of 4 islands in the Pacific known as the Revillagigedo Archipelago. The islands lie 240 miles (386km) southwest of Cabo San Lucas in Baja, Mexico, and are often called Mexico's "little galapagos" due to the their unique ecosystem and attraction of large pelagic animals. We will be enjoying a 10 night live-aboard trip out to the islands and back. The Socorro’s are known for the giant 12-14 foot Manta Rays, Whale Sharks, Bait Balls, Humpback Whales and Bottlenose Dolphins. In the November/December time frame, we are hoping to get the Mantas, Dolphins and Whale Sharks. Minimum Scuba certification is Advanced Open Water. 
Group Live-Aboard Scuba Trip - Maldives              March 2021
Description: This is a 2 week trip to Maldives via Dubai and the World's Fair (Dubai 2020). The trip will feature a live-aboard trip to the islands of the Maldives with diving in some of the most photographed locations in the world. Prior to arriving in Maldives a side trip to the World's fair in Dubai will be possible. A tour of the hot spots in Dubai and great diving opportunities are in store. Minimum scuba certification is Advanced Open Water. 
Group Live-Aboard Scuba Trip - Australia         September/October 2018
Australia (Sept 26th- Oct 12th, 2018)
Description: This trip has both a land and live-aboard portions. Anyone can choose the entire trip, the land only or dive only option.

“See the Globe goes Down Under” is an 18 day, two trips in one, with both land and sea experiences on the continent of Australia. The trip starts in Sydney. First full day in Sydney consists of a half day city tour including The Rocks, Bondi Beach and Sydney Harbor. After a few days in Sydney, the group takes a midday flight to Cairns, Northern gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea. We will have 4 days in Cairns staying at the Kewarra Beach Resort, then on Thursday night the group boards Mike Ball’s Spoilsport, our liveaboard home for the next 7 nights. The sea portion of the trip consists of a 450 mile voyage for a 7 day 26 dive tour of the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea. The 30m M/V Spoilsport Australia was custom built for Mike Ball Dive Expeditions. The twin hull design of the spoilsport increases stability and reduces motion onboard. Dive amenities include a spacious dive deck with entry and exit platforms, large camera table, rinse tanks and Nitrox. After 7 days onboard we disembark on Thursday morning and transfer to a Cairns area hotel for a relaxing day to pick up some final souvenirs. The next morning we board flights home and arrive back in North America the same day we leave Australia.

The trip can be taken as a combination or as land only or as sea only. You decide which part of this adventure you want to be a part of. Minimum Scuba certification is Advanced Open Water. We have 9 cabins to accommodate 18 divers.